The Woman on the Wall

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Dream received June 9, 2015

A group of tourists was standing outside the thick stone walls of an ancient city in the Middle East listening to their tour guide.yeha05

Suddenly a woman cried out, “Look!” She pointed to a child who had slipped away from the crowd and was painstakingly scaling the massive stone wall. A hush fell over crowd. The young girl was climbing to the top! As she carefully placed her feet in the cracks and crevices, pulling herself up with her small hands, no one dared breathe. Could she ascend the wall without falling?

climbingFinally the girl scrambled over the top, breathing heavily. She sat on the stones at one corner, dangling her legs over the rocks, and smiled triumphantly. The crowd cheered but the girl scarcely noticed. Her eyes were on one man standing in the group far below: her dad.

Her father, relieved his young daughter had ascended the wall safely, smiled gently but approvingly. He was delighted with her victory. He pointed upward to God in silent thanksgiving for His grace, and she nodded in agreement.

As they shared this unspoken joy, the young girl became a beautiful woman wearing a long white dress. The woman stood on the wall in victory. Like the girl, she had scaled the high wall by God’s grace.

bride-of-christShe raised her hands to heaven. God saw her and smiled. His grace was sufficient.

Then I woke up.

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