Surely I Come Quickly

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A Dream Received on Sabbath, April 24, 2015

 Part 1 – The Faith of Jesus

I was balancing somewhat precariously on the pointed roof of a skyscraper helping someone whose voice and countenance were full of pure and holy Love. I knew I was with Jesus.

We sat on either side of a lightning rod and could see the miniature cars and tiny people dashing about far below us.

Jesus was quickly but carefully erecting a steel pole near the lightning rod, and I was doing my best to help Him. After the pole was in place, we hung a sign on it which said, “Surely I come quickly!

I was filled with joy helping my Savior with this work. However, upon realizing the solemnness of His words, a heavy weight settled on my heart. Jesus then showed me a rope and gave instructions on how to rappel off the top of the building.


He hooked into a harness and easily lowered Himself to the ground. Suddenly I was sitting on the roof peak alone. There will be a time when Jesus our intercessory Priest leaves Father’s heavenly sanctuary to come for His bride, the church of His pilgrims. When this time comes, we will be without a mediator.

After He was gone, I found my long rope coiled beside the lightening rod. However, as I dropped one end to the street below, the rope became hopelessly tangled.

Prolonged minutes ticked by as I tried to unravel the heap of rope, fearing that the sheer weight of it would cause me to lose my balance. Because my Guide was not with me, I could no longer look below without being terrified.

Pressing ever closer to the metal rod at the center of the building, I wrapped my arms around it, clutching tightly. The only thing I could hold onto was my Savior’s faith in His Father. He trusted God and so would I.

Now I heard my Guide calling out directions and encouraging me from the street far below. I wanted desperately to respond but was frozen with fear.

Still clinging to the lightning rod, I closed my eyes in prayer before attempting to untangle the heavy rope again. I prayed for victory in following Jesus’ words. I longed to be with my Savior again, whether it was at the pinnacle of a skyscraper or on the streets below.

When I finished praying, I opened my eyes and found a small fruit basket in front of me. It was attractively lined with a cloth printed in a fruit pattern.

fruits-basket-classicThere was a small square parchment inside the basket on which Jesus had painstakingly written:

Howl; for the day of the LORD is at hand;

it shall come as destruction from the Almighty.

I, the LORD, will show no mercy or pity when that time comes.

In my anger I will destroy the earth and every sinner who lives on it.

Isaiah 13:6, 9

With heart-rending moans, I clung even more tightly to the lighting rod. I wept for friends and family and countless others who would be destroyed. I wept for myself. Did I have His faith? Would His faith be enough? Did I have any unconfessed sins?Green-Envy-Zinnia-bouquet-from-my-Utah-garden-myflowerjournal-500x500Through my tears, I saw fresh cut flowers in a glass vase beside the fruit.

Unfolding the parchment within the bouquet, I read these words:

I am coming soon. Hold on to the faith you have,

so that no one can take away your crown.

Revelation 3:11

After reading these messages, the tangled rope became insignificant. I knew my Guide would sustain me by His faith.

Part 2 – The Word of God

The event on the skyscraper faded and I was now in a large conference center. I was looking at ministry displays of the speakers I had listened to earlier.

Most of the female attendees had congregated in the kitchen. They were eating their homemade delicacies and sharing the recipes together.


I had, however, absentmindedly laid down my favorite journal in which I had taken notes on the speakers’ talks. Determined to find the book, I returned to each booth I had visited earlier, but sadly, my journal had vanished. At this moment, I realized that human theories and ideas are simply chaff in the wind.

Now I was holding another book in my hands, and like my previous one, there was no title on the cover, but I recognized the book and hugged it close to my heart.

Girl Holding Bible Close

Part 3 – Our Heavenly Home

The scene changed to a forest trail where I was walking with about half a dozen other people. I moved on ahead, passing the others, until I was walking alongside our Guide. Once again, He was easily recognizable. I had no desire to overtake Him. Instead, I was delighted to walk by His side until we reached the mansions He has prepared for His beloved children.

Along the trail, I noticed a set of keys. I looked up at my Guide as He said, “Those are your oldest sister’s keys.”

lost-keysWe passed on, without picking up the keys. I had to keep moving to keep up with my Guide, but I wondered if my sister was ahead of me and had dropped the keys to the kingdom or whether she was behind me and someone had dropped the keys for her to find.

My Guide and I reached a fork in the path.

I asked Him, “Which way leads home?”

He instructed me to turn to the right and I obeyed.

Then I noticed a bright light in the distance. It grew steadily brighter and brighter until, amid a flash of brilliant and dazzling light, I woke up.


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