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Dream received June 9, 2015

I was in a large, tastefully decorated living room filled with expensive furniture and massive fresh floral arrangements. I recognized it as a room in the White House. The voice of President Obama could be heard in the distance as he gave a personal tour.

o-WHITE-HOUSE-TOUR-facebookAfter a short time, Mr. Obama disappeared and the group stood talking among themselves in low tones. Then I heard President Obama’s voice outside the White House where he was addressing a large crowd.


“Great change is coming to America,” he declared. “You will accept those changes. You will have to agree to them.”

This announcement alarmed me, but the crowd clapped and cheered.

Then I woke up.

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  1. His approval rating is quite low. Definitely reminds me though of how he had promised great change when he was elected. And there certainly is a lot of changes coming soon. Perhaps a signal of speaking like the dragon. I saw Hillary Clinton say recently that religious beliefs need to be changed…

  2. Thanks for adding the photos. This dream seemed “out of the blue” for me since I know next to nothing about him, do not follow politics, and rarely even hear about him in conversation/media. Others I shared the dream with said his words were “out of character” for him.

  3. He will definitely be saying these things when everything breaks down. That’s really interesting Rebekah. Those who stand in the way of the new system, the new world order as many call it, agenda 21, etc. Will have to back down. Just as Hillary was saying regarding those who oppose marrying homosexuals. If they don’t they will have their 501c3 statuses revoked and then have to pay back taxes that will only bankrupt the churches.

    If there is an Isis attack on American soil, which there is a lot of talk about right now, considering especially that they are basically giving ISIS weapons, vehicles, etc. And they are selling oil making 2 million/day. They say they may have already acquired nuclear bombs from Pakistan. One bomb in a major city, and those words that you saw in your dream become a reality, the constitution is given up and the people cry “We need to sacrifice our liberties for security.”

    Those who refuse to comply will be considered terrorists as stated in the NDAA. Those who believe in end time prophecies, especially with respect to the constitution and liberty could only be terrorists standing against and rejecting the status quo. They will be forced to accept them, or they will be called the troublers, and they will be the ones cited as causing these disasters in the land, terrorists, traitors, etc. While we hear the words ““You will accept those changes. You will have to agree to them.”

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