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Dream received July 1, 2015

Part 1

I was with a group of people at a table playing a Bible board game. As we played, I saw a space on the board called Slavery in Egypt. Whoever landed there would be unable to play until a particular card was turned over on the stack. That card would give the player the password to be set free from bondage.
www-St-Takla-org--A-Nation-of-SlavesThe woman beside me had played the game before so I asked her if she remembered the secret word to leave Egypt. She smiled and said, “Yes.” Then, however, she put her finger to her lips indicating she wouldn’t tell me what it was! “You will find out soon enough,” she said.
lose a turnThe first time around the board, I landed on Slavery in Egypt. Every turn thereafter, I pulled a card from the stack on the board, hoping against all hope that it contained the code word so I could rejoin the game. By the time I finally turned over the card I needed, I felt like a caged bird and was eager to be delivered from captivity. caged birdThe word on the card was Passover.

p_lambPart 2

I was standing beside a gentle stream talking with some friends. We had been canoeing in the peaceful water all afternoon. It was getting late so we were discussing where to spend the night. Someone suggested tying the canoes to trees along the banks and sleeping in them. This sounded like a wonderful idea to us because we were tired. We eagerly began to climb into the boats. Suddenly we realized that there were more people than there were canoes. Two people would need to sleep in each canoe!
One of my friends walked over and kindly invited me to sleep in his canoe. I knew the man well and trusted him. Thanking him for his kind offer, I took his arm and climbed into his canoe. Then I carefully laid down beneath the seats in the bottom of the canoe.
As I did so, the man said, “I’ll sit in the back of the boat so you can rest comfortably. Don’t worry; I am with you. Don’t be afraid; I am your God….” (Isa. 41:10).
I knew I was safe in this man’s boat. The water gently rocked me to sleep.

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