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Dream received 1/25/2016


truck3In this dream, a man was driving a truck loaded with boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables from Mexico to the U.S. At first, it looked like he was going to get waved through without incident, but at the last minute, an officer motioned for him to stop. The Mexican man looked terrified as the officer walked toward the truck. In his hand, the officer was holding a list of banned produce so the driver would understand why he was stopping him.

As soon as he had stopped the truck, the Mexican man hurried into the back of it and started digging frantically sweet potatoesunderneath a stack of boxes. Deeper and deeper he burrowed, searching for a box of contraband. When he found a box that had illegal produce in it, he reluctantly threw the box off the truck. Then he searched for more boxes. Out of the back of the truck flew a box of sweet potatoes and then two boxes of persimmons…

clipboardThe officer said nothing to the man but simply stood there with the list in his hand. After hurling five or six boxes off the truck, the Mexican man stood beside the officer, hanging his head in shame. Without a word, the officer calmly turned and walked away. When he returned in a few minutes, the Mexican man pulled out his wallet to pay the required fine to the border agent.

Then the officer, who had been silent all this time, spoke softly to the man in Spanish. He showed the man a piece of paper with the officer’s signature on it. The Mexican man’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. When the officer had left him, he had gone to pay the fine!

The farmer looked up at the officer. With gentle compassion, the officer touched the man on the arm and motioned for him to drive on across the border. The Mexican, now in tears, smiled and nodded. Standing straight and tall, he took the list of prohibited produce from the officer, studied it for a few minutes, and then went to the truck to search for any more illegal produce that he might have forgotten about. With joy, he dug even deeper this time and willingly threw off a few more boxes.

Then the farmer drove off with a smile and a wave.truck driver3

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