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Charismatic Evangelicals have been getting more aggressive lately, especially in the realm of politics. It is widely assumed that those who have the powers of legislation wield the power that God ordains to bring justice and righteousness in the land.

An increasing emphasis has been made on “a coming revival of signs and wonders” says Rodney Howard Browne, a well-known minister that was key to the Toronto Blessing outpouring where under the control of a spirit, dubbed the Holy Ghost, men and women alike came under a chaotic banter of laughter, screams, barking like dogs, and sounding like other barn-yard beasts.

Other charismatics agree there is a coming to the land a moral revival to “get Jesus back into the government”, and a rally call by various popular evangelicals, such as Kenneth Copeland, James Robison, John & Matthew Hagee, David Barton and Franklin Graham to name a few, who have held various campaigns to unite America’s Christians to be a political force.

The call of these ministers? “To get up and stand up, and go vote” says Hagee, “to rise up and overthrow all that the devil has been trying to do to destroy this nation” says Copeland, “to stand up for Jesus” says Browne.

Why is this significant? It is significant because the evangelicals were once the great defenders of religious liberty; ardent defenders of true Protestantism; to preserve liberty of conscience for all, and to keep America clear and distinctly separate from church-controlled affairs, which had soaked the soil of Europe in Christian blood by Papal tyranny for over 1000 years. America was to be a land of the free, but a “great awakening” has occurred amongst the Charismatics, who are militantly pursuing a moral revival which would undermine constitutional freedoms.

Increasingly, the Right-wing agenda, which speaks of the far religious right zealots, are rallying together to have the influence of professed Christians overcome many supposed unbiblical practices. Well, that is a good thing, right? According to the history of the dark ages, and prophecy, not if it means trampling upon the consciences of men, defining what is “unbiblical practice” and administering judgment according to that rule, thus leaving judgment in the hands of erring, sinful man, and not the living God.

America, in its current trek, is set to make a molded copy of that first tyrannical system it came out of, according to Revelation 13, a lamb-like (Christian) kingdom, exercising all the power of the kingdom that came before it, which put to death the saints who keep the commandments of God.

The moral push has been pressed against homosexuals, and even Islamic militants, but the most recent developments are what should startle souls to awake the most, as it would affect everyone.

It was enough that Browne made a recent call for America to repent in set of meetings, featuring many supporting senators, congressmen, statesmen, and the like, with other evangelical leaders, declaring “separation of church and state” to be “a bunch of garbage” right in Constitution Hall, beside the White House and the Capitol building.

Now, through the influence of Senator Sylvia Allen, during a gun bill debate, a remark was made by her about passing a law that would require all to attend church on Sunday to aid in part for a “moral rebirth”. Ted Cruz, an Evangelical Christian politician, who just days before said he would be running for President, was inspired by her statement, and added the policy of mandatory church visits into his campaign.

What would this mean? For starters, it means a fine for forgoing church. What else? For persistence in not attending, it may  mean a night in jail. More than this? It means atheists and agnostics would be required to attend a religious assembly. Unconverted souls are required to enter a religious institution. However, when the world enters the church, the world and the church are both left worse than they had been before. One is a heathen clothed in an outward religious garb, and the church is converted to the world. And a law cannot substitute for the gospel, not even God’s law (Gal. 2:21).

Lastly, what else does this mean? Ted Cruz is speaking at a James Robison campaign for America’s moral revival. When this point of “moral rebirth” reaches James Robison, who recently attended the Vatican with Copeland and other prominent Evangelical leaders, the majority of the Evangelical community will begin to agitate the mandatory Sunday observance question. Especially for the aggressive Rodney Howard Browne, who will follow-up his 2014 meetings at Constitution Hall with another set of meetings this July for an even greater push “to light the fire in the belly of the beast” as he has said. Expect that the mandatory church attendance legislation question shall be agitated much more from henceforth.

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