Let There Be Light, Part 2

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Let us have the “faith of Abraham; who is the father of us all … [who is] like unto Him whom he believed, even God, who … calleth those things which be not as though they were” (Romans 4:17).

“Now faith is the persuasion of the things that are in hope, as if they were in act; and [it is] the manifestness of the things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1, Murdock’s Peshitta translation).

Faith is saying ‘Amen’ to what God says even though it has not come to pass. It is the existence of His promises in our minds, expecting it to be existent in act. It is to ‘let’ God’s creative word do what it says. And when we say, ‘Amen’–‘it is so’–God says, “You are right”, “You are righteous”. Hence, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness” (Galatians 3:6).

Did you get that? When God says something, we are just to agree, and when we agree, God says to us, “You are right”. And then it will come to pass. Likewise, when He says to us, “There is sin”. We are to then agree and say, “It is so”, “It is sin.” Thus we are agreeing with God, saying that His declaration, His Word, is right; and He can then legally say, “You are right that I am right”, “You are righteous”. Then the atoning blood will take away our sin, for it is no longer sin; it is righteousness for we have agreed (confessed) that God is right, and we are right that He is right. We are righteous. And it is all by the Holy Spirit drawing us, but not forcing us, to make this agreement.

We serve a merciful and yet just God!

He can legally declare that we are righteous and have never sinned after we have confessed our sins, for His Son became us–taking upon Himself our flesh and our sins. And if we sin, He is our Advocate as long as we believe that He is and that we have sinned, for we are right in doing so, and this righteousness, this response to His drawing love, replaces the sin. This agreement does not merit us, but it simply is a ‘letting’ of God be God, and God creates righteousness where there is no righteousness. Where there was darkness, He says “LET there be light”.

Now our agreement, our believing, our ‘letting’, is simply acknowledging His glory–giving Him glory–and is nothing at all–no merits, just dust. For we are God’s creation and there is no such thing as creature merits. God says, “Let there be” and His creation “lets there be” whatever is His will, spoken by His Word. God tells the dust of the earth (as if it has intelligence), “Let the earth bring forth grass” (Genesis 1:11), and the earth simply ‘lets’. And it is the same for us, for we are God’s creation. The problem is that before we tried to be as gods, living as if our life is our own. But we are created and we are purchased (by the blood at Calvary). Our confessions have no merits whatsoever, because we are not our own, and agreeing with God is just giving Him the glory, ‘letting’ Him be God and us His creation. This faith is saving faith, but it is not our own. It is the faith of Jesus. He woos us to receive it, and when we do it is ours, but it is first His because it is a gift.

The faith of our fathers is the faith of Jesus. It declares to God, “Amen”, and God says, “You are right; for I am right, and you have let Me be who I am, your Creator God–the One who speaks and it is, though it never was before.”

“Fear God, and give glory to Him” (Revelation 14:7), for we are His creation, and He is our Maker and our Redeemer. Whatever God says, let us say, AMEN. ‘Tis the faith of our fathers.


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