Housecleaning and the King’s Wedding

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Dream received July 4, 2015

Part 1

I was with a few other women at a friend’s house. We watched with intense interest as she “deep cleaned” before leaving for an extended period.

I don’t remember all of the steps in the cleaning process, but at the end of this part of the dream, the woman showed us how she washed down the walls of the main room. She scooped something that looked like plain water out of a bucket and liberally splashed it on all four walls. The clear solution had an intense but delightful fragrance. It ran down the walls, onto the floor, and out of the room.

splash water

After thoroughly rinsing the walls, she announced, “The house is clean.”

Part 2

I was sitting with a friend inside a palace. We were privileged to be guests at a king’s wedding. The king was seated on an immense throne, eagerly waiting for his bride to walk up the aisle for the wedding ceremony. My friend and I, along with hundreds of other spectators, were enjoying the colorful procession preceding the bride’s arrival.

A group of little girls dressed in fancy white dresses walked up the aisle. diamond-white-folwer-girl-drtess Behind them came someone carrying a larger platter of fancy sweets which the little girls had exquisitely decorated for the king with great care. When they reached the front, the girls offered him their delightful delicacies. 2612031gLn_petit-fours-for-baby-shower-for-twins_900The king smiled lovingly and, with great joy, accepted their special tokens of love.

The bride was about to enter and walk up the aisle to meet the king. Ecstatic, my friend turned to me and said in a subdued tone, “The king is ready for his bride, and the bride is ready for her king.”

I woke up.

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