From the Form to the Fullness, Intro

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I believe that the experience of this title (“From the Form to the Fullness”) in our lives is the latter rain. It is the very heart of the message that was introduced in 1888. It is a misunderstanding that it was only about the Law and the Covenants. That is the very important foundation along with understanding the Messiah truly being the Son of God and truly becoming our flesh of sin and the Holy Spirit truly being His own Spirit. Many do not even know much of these basic things.
But the deepest part of the Third Angel’s Message is “the faith of Jesus”; this is the object of attraction that the foundation supports. It means Jesus living our perfect life and dying our perfect death on the cross for everyone who has ever lived, and it is received by all who believe that they are crucified with the Messiah–dead unto sin, alive unto God. This leads to complete victory over sin, thus meeting the Law’s requirements. The Messiah is just waiting to impart this to all who meet with Him in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary for the cleansing work.
What this message really does is that it brings the Messiah near, no longer afar off. Both the cross and the heavenly sanctuary become present realities as we are in the Messiah and He is in us. We need the faith and assurance to believe these things. That is why I have written this message and why I’m especially recommending everyone to read Camron Schofield’s book “Heralding the Loud Cry” and A.T. Jones’ 25th General Conference sermon in 1895. In these and other precious materials you will discover the heart of the most precious message. Please don’t delay. The Messiah is knocking at the door of your heart.
Never, never, never think that you know this message. There is always more to learn.

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