A Whole New Way to Look at the Law

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Take a few minutes to digest this…

First read over the Ten Commandments in Young’s Literal Translation (YLT).

Notice the language, “Thou dost not…” (“You do not…”).

Now… let’s think about them in a whole new way.

They are PRECIOUS PROMISES, not demands for us to try to meet.

YAHUAH says to you and me (through His Law)…
“You are righteous.

These are the good things you do and the bad things that you do not do.

You have never sinned in your whole life, because you were in Me.

I lived your life for you, in your sinful flesh, yet without sin!

The Law has slain you for your sins, in Me, at Calvary.

I died your second death for you there.

Believe that I have done this for you,

And My righteousness will be filled in you,

If you will simply believe that My Word will fulfill in you just what it says.

Don’t look at yourself and your failures,

For they were already slain in Me to the tree;

Look at Me and live!

And you will live!”

I gleaned these thoughts from the book “Heralding the Loud Cry” (a book you really need to read). I also gleaned the following thought from it…

When Messiah is asking His disciples to watch and pray for Him in Gethsemane, He means it for ALL of us! Every time we sin, it adds to His suffering there and at Calvary, literally! Yes, Messiah, in His infinite mind capable of near-infinite suffering bears each and every sin we ever commit; it is not make believe. And, yes, we are to pray for HIM there. Not only for this, however, but pray for Him now, because in order to dispense the graces of His meritorious righteousness to us from the heavenly sanctuary through His blood, He must STILL bear our sins and transfer them into the sanctuary. He feels what He felt in the garden alone ALL OVER AGAIN!

But Messiah is so longsuffering. He is willing to take more and more suffering, but He also wants it to come to an end. That is just what He is waiting for. He knows that just as long as He is suffering, the whole creation groaneth until sin is cleansed from His people, witnessed to in the heavenly sanctuary. He wants suffering to end.

Will we watch and pray with Him? Will we receive His commands as precious promises of reality–reality that we were in Him and He lived it for us and lives it in us when we believe? Will we watch for the moment of temptation to strike so that we can flee to His grace, and bring an end to His suffering, and the suffering of us all? Where sin abounds–or even the sin in our flesh–grace much more abounds, and grace will eradicate sin. I know this will come. We are living in that time. Let us believe this reality and it will be.

“The righteousness of Christ is presented as a free gift to the sinner if he will accept it. He has nothing of his own but what is tainted and corrupted, polluted with sin, utterly repulsive to a pure and holy God. Only through the righteous character of Jesus Christ can man come nigh to God. Christ as high priest within the veil so immortalized Calvary that though He liveth unto God, He dies continually to sin, and thus if any man sin, he has an advocate with the Father.”

~ Selected Messages, Pages 342 and 343

The righteousness the Law promises in Messiah is already yours (as a gift). Believe it! You are entitled to it! Why? Because Jesus took upon Himself your sinful flesh. He became you! You were in Him, before you ever knew it. And since you were in Him, and He lived a perfect life in your sinful flesh, His perfection, His righteousness is yours–you just need to claim it for yourself in the Word!

This is a daily process, and God will complete His good work in you.


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