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*2. DESTROYS ONE OF OUR SDA PILLARS established by our pioneers who protested the Trinity doctrine, including James White, and Sister White warns us many times not to destroy our pillars that were so firmly established.

3. DESTROYS THE SONSHIP OF MESSIAH, which means that He, our Lawgiver, could not keep the first four commandments to worship the one true God and impute and impart to us His faith to worship the Father.

4. MAKES THE HOLY SPIRIT A GOD, which Satan wants to be, therefore,

5. DESTROYS MESSIAH AS OUR ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR, who not only imputes His righteousness but imparts His righteousness.

6. DESTROYS THE DIVINITY OF MESSIAH, because it causes Him to not have life original, underived, unborrowed, but constantly derived from the Father if They are the same being (many claim just the opposite that you must believe the Trinity to belive in Messiah’s divinity, which is nonsense).

7. MAKES THE HOLY SPIRIT A BEING, A FORM OF PANTHEISM, which Kellogg believed and is the alpha of deadly heresies, which…

8. LEADS TO THE OMEGA OF APOSTASY: MAKING OF NON-EFFECT THE SANCTUARY AND THE ATONEMENT, for God’s literal dwelling-place would not be in heaven but everywhere; the sanctuary and the atonement are GONE after the corporate SDA structure embraced the Trinity–the atonement done at the cross and only applied after that. Also, if the trinitarian believes that Christ and the Holy Spirit are one being, then Christ’s being did not die our second death at Calvary to atone for mankind.

9. LED TO A CREED, CHURCH MANUAL, AND UNIVERSAL, CORRUPT BAPTISMAL VOW, for these did not exist before 1931 when the ‘Trinity’ was made a creed (same scenario with the Council of Nicaea), thus,

10. PUTS MAN IN PLACE OF GOD since God and His Son are made a non-entity and replaced by a man-made Holy Spirit where man rules, thus,

11. DESTROYING UNITY WHICH ONLY THE TRUE HOLY SPIRIT (God’s omnipresent seeing and working in the universe) CAN CREATE, and makes for division because many SDAs are non-Trinitarian.

12. HOLDS US BACK FROM RECEIVING THE LATTER RAIN, for God cannot bless our apostasy in believing in a counterfeit Holy Spirit.

13. TENDS TO REPLACE A WORD-BASED FAITH WITH AN EXPERIENCE OF FEELINGS, because the Holy Spirit is the power contained in the Word of God, which if we lose for a short time, we lose the Holy Spirit, whereas if the Holy Spirit is a being, we are not dependent on the Word of God and there is a counterfeit faith. Therefore, the latter rain of the Holy Spirit is not merely an outpouring of spiritual manifestations but of doctrine (of Messiah and His righteousness), not His actual being.

14. DESTROYS THE 1888 MESSAGE, CHRIST AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, for Waggoner’s teachings of the Father and the Son were at the very foundation of the message (read his book called Christ and His Righteousness and you will see this is true).

15. IS A PAGAN AND PAPAL BELIEF based on the false science of metaphysics having its origin in Plato and gnostics.

16. IS SPIRITUALISM–not only spiritualizing biblical doctrines to make doctrines of demons but making the Spirit a being which demons can easily assume and thus possess people with.

17. IS THE SOURCE OF SPIRITUAL FORMATION, which is an attempt to reach the false everywhere god through human means of atonement, instead of filling ourselves with the doctrines of the Word of God and knowing God and His only-begotten Son who dwell in heaven.

18. IS PERPLEXING AND CONFUSES THE MIND, thus limiting our conception of the one true Son and His only begotten Son–this Source and Channel relationship being the key to unlocking many true doctrines.


20. IS THE SPIRIT OF THE ECUMENICAL MOVMENT, and always has been since the first ecumenical meeting of Nicaea.

21. MAKES IT MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO WITNESS TO JEWS AND MUSLIMS, who will not accept a non-monotheistic religion, thus the loss of many souls that could be won the the Messiah.

Seeing this list, is the Trinity a non-issue? God forbid. MEET IT!

The Holy Spirit is not a god, but rather the power and presence of God, and His saving power is in His Word which we receive if we believe. The person of the Holy Spirit is the personification of God–not a personal being but rather the personal presence of God and His Son–the only two divine beings in the universe. Our pioneer non-Arian and non-trinitarian view is the only one that does not destroy Messiah’s divinity and atonement for sin, and lets God be God and His Son His Son. Will you believe in the true God of the Bible or the mystery god of Babylon? To help you decide, there is a wonderful documentary that supports the biblical view called “Theos”…


* “Here we might mention the Trinity, which does away the personality of God, and of His Son Jesus Christ” (James White, Review and Herald, 12/11/1855).

“He who denies the personality of God and of His Son Jesus Christ, is denying God and Christ” (Ellen White, Review and Herald, 3/8/1906).

“Those who seek to remove the old landmarks are not holding fast; they are not remembering how they have received and heard. Those who try to bring in theories that would remove the pillars of our faith concerning the sanctuary or concerning ***the personality of God or of Christ***, are working as blind men. They are seeking to bring in uncertainties and to set the people of God adrift without an anchor … The watchmen are to be wide awake to discern the outcome of all specious reasoning, for serious errors will be brought in to lead the people of God astray” (Ellen White, Manuscript 125, 1907).

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